watchMe, an IDEA Plugin, which Post Error Message to Slack Automatically

Have you ever seen a person who takes a lot of time to solve an error while developing with a team?

When I find such a person, I think “Come on! I know the solution!”. But such a person won’t come to listen to advice. As a result, he take a lot of time to solve the error. This situation is not good for both him and the team with respect to productivity.

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In order to solve such a situation, I created a plugin for IDEA which automatically post an error message and corresponding code to Slack when it occurred. The name of the plugin is watchMe.

watchMe aims to solve problems quickly by sharing their own error to team members and getting advice.
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The code is on the GitHub

You only need to install the plugin and obtain Slack Incoming Webhook URL.
Let’s start to install!


Settings of Slack Incoming Webhook

You need to obtain Slack Incoming Webhook URL. Please open the following URL.

Select the channel to which you want to post an error message. It’s a good idea to create a channel for each project you are working on.

When you select a channel, the Webhook URL will be displayed so take a note of it.

The settings of Slack is finished. Next we will install the plugin in IDEA.

Installation of watchMe

First, Search for “watchMe” from IDEA’s Preferences -> Plugins -> Browse repositories … and install it. After the installation, restart IDEA to make the plugin effective.

Once watchMe is installed, select Tools -> Slack Settings -> Add Slack Channel.

As the dialog is displayed, enter your name and the Webhook URL you noted.

The setting is finished. If an error occurs, watchMe will post the error message and corresponding line of code to Slack.


Currently watchMe will automatically post error message to Slack when an error occurs. It is good to automatically post it, but simple errors sometimes resolved by yourself before you receive advice. Therefore, it seems better to post the error message when the same error occurs several times.

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