Slack Referee: Resolve the Communication Fragmentation by Slack

Slack is a very useful tool for communicating within the team.

But perhaps as you are aware, Slack will fragment your “concentration time”.
You are curious about the reaction to your posting, and you wonder what kind of topic is talked in the channel, or sometimes you get important information that I can not miss it …
When the “*” mark on your browser tab blinks, then your concentration time will stop!

A stiff conference tends to be wasted of time, but on the other hand “fragmentation of communication” with such a chat tool can also be said to be a problem.

slack communication fragmentation

So I developed Slack Referee.
This bot makes the Slack channel to a rest station. Specifically, you can talk only during break time and return to the work after that. And importantly, your working time is never disturbed.

slack communication fragmentation

The code is available on GitHub. So Heroku Button is attached, you can deploy and run this!


We used botkit to develop the bot. Since botkit also supports chatting tools other than Slack, Slack Referee could be run on the other platform.

Now, I would like to introduce the features of this Slack Referee.

Supervise the Utterance

Slack Referee erases all remarks except channel open time (!). So the communication is done in the opening time of the channel, and the other times you can focus on your work.

Maybe you think you can do it by closing tab or off the notification, but if the other member in your team do not do it, your attempt will not work.

You can not speak without ignoring Referee! The speaker will be warned and the following message recording feature is introduced with a direct message.

Record the Message

But you may want to leave the message because you’ll be absent on the open time. Therefore you can record the message by sending a direct message to Referee. The recorded message will be shared in the channel when the next channel open time.

You can send message.

(Referee return the “note” reaction.) And when the channel open

Your message is shared!

what happened?

I thought that it would be very inconvenient if the remark actually deleted. However, it was not so much. We can concentrate on the working time and we are released from the time to keep waiting for the reply!

When you are troubled with communication with Slack, please try using it by all means!

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